1. Customers are responsible for paying the cost of customs.

・The reason is that taxes vary by country and also by customs officers.

・Shipping fee and customs duties are different.

2. Shipping Method

Shipping Method is EMS which is a part of Japan Postal service. Japan postal service(https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/index_en.html)

What is EMS?
EMS is the fastest international mail service that allows you to safely, easily, and conveniently send documents and packages up to 30 kg to more than 120 countries and regions around the world./dd>
How long it takes?
It takes within one week.(The days does not include customs declaration.)
Is its method safety to ship?
Yes. EMS has tracking code. You can check Japan postal service site.Tracking System(https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/ems/delivery/index_en.html)
3. Important note
  1. We will purchase at the Japanese site after your purchase is complete. Therefore, the product may be sold out. Please note. (If you would like to know if it is sold out, please contact us in advance.)
  2. ・If the item is out of stock, we cancel your order.

  3. Please check the customs office of your country before purchasing the item. In some countries, some items may not be sent.
  4. ・In this case, we can refund before sending items.

    ・If you would like to know whether we can send it or not, please contact us in advance.

  5. In some countries of cities cannot be delivery. Please check shipping details. More details about shipping area
  6. Please check if the appliance can be used in your country, or please buy a converter.
  7. There is no return or exchange service.
  8. ※However, if you have insurance for items, we will support you. If a shipping fee is required to return or exchange the items, it will be customer payment.

    We will inspect the items in Japan to check whether items is broken or not, and ship items to your country, so the bag may be open.

  9. We have Careful, Careful, Careful shipping to return and replace one if items are broken.
  10. Payment is safety because we use ”stripe”, “Paypal” to procedure payment
  11. After completed shipping, you cannot cancel the order.
  12. You cannot do shopping over 30kg and ¥200,000
  13. We do not take any responsibility that happen to your health.
  14. If you buy food from the site, and you have allergies, contact to me to know more details.
  15. We are not taking responsibility of allergies, so please contact to me to know more details.

  16. We might charge extra shipping fee if the address that you filled in is wrong, and did not send completely
  17. If you have any issues on the site, contact to me.
4. Service for customers
  1. If the site doesn’t have what you want, please contact us.
  2. ・please apply Request Form

    We will send you a notification and post it on the site within 24 hours.

  3. Some products may not be available in your language.
  4. If you do not have your language, please contact us.

  5. If the instructions are not in your language and you don’t know how to use them, we will support you via Youtube or email.
  6. In order to post new items efficiently, we use google translation. If you do not understand, Please contact to me
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