First Hiragana / Katakana Let’s Explore HIRAGANA & KATAKANA (Japanese)


  • This is a book for super beginners to become familiar with hiragana and katakana before they start studying Japanese in earnest. From the perspective of an English-speaking author, we will introduce tourist destinations and Japanese culture that are popular with foreigners one after another. It is a book that conveys the charm of Japan and Japanese. All hiragana and katakana have pronunciation instructions for English-speaking readers. In addition, all words have Roman letters and English translations, and Japanese place names and cultures have simple explanations, so you can know about Japan. The cute binding with illustrations and photos is perfect as a souvenir for your trip to Japan or as a gift for your foreign friends.
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    ・ Japanese voice. Forty-six sounds and words for hiragana and katakana, respectively. Includes some dakuon, handakuon, onomatopoeia peculiar to Japanese, onomatopoeia and yoon.


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