Pupelle of Chimney Town (Japanese) Tankobon Hardcover


  • King Kong Nishino, who overwhelmed the world with a monochrome picture book drawn with a single pen, is an all-color picture book with a complete division of labor that overturns the common sense of the industry!

    “I believe in it. Even if I’m alone.”

    Surrounded by a 4000-meter cliff, there was a town that didn’t know the world.
    The town is full of stuff.
    Smoke rises from here and there, and the top of the head is mock moku.
    Mock moku from morning till night.
    People who live in the town of Entotsu are trapped in black smoke,
    I don’t know the blue sky.
    It doesn’t shine brightly.
    The town is now in the middle of the Halloween Festival.
    In addition to the amulet smoke, it is always mocking.
    One day,
    A delivery shop over the night sky smokes and squeezes
    I inadvertently lost my heart during delivery.
    As expected, I don’t know where the visibility is.
    The delivery shop gave up quickly and went to the other side of the night.
    That heart is ringing in the corner of the town of Entotsu.

    Screenplay & Director: Akihiro Nishino

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