Recolte Hot Water Server White


  • Power consumption: 1,300W Rated voltage: 100V 50 / 60Hz
  • Size: Body (including lid): Approximately width 11.5 x depth 17.0 x height 23.0 cm
  • Weight: Body (including lid): Approximately 770g
  • Others: Up to 1 liter capacity for PET bottles
  • Shipping Weight: 1.24kg


A convenient and cute [hot water server] that can turn water in a PET bottle into hot water in 2 seconds. There are 3 easy-to-use hot water temperatures: 50 ° C, 80 ° C, and MAX (95 ° C). You can easily select it with the dial type changeover switch according to your application. Compact size that is easy to use not only in the kitchen and living room, but also in the office and bedroom. ◆ PET bottle water turns into hot water in 2 seconds The hot water server uses MCH (metal ceramic heater), which is often used for hair irons. You can instantly turn water into hot water with high power. ◆ Easy-to-use 3 levels of hot water temperature The hot water temperature is 50 ℃, 80 ℃, MAX (about 95 ℃), which is often needed in daily life. You can easily select with the dial type. ◆ Lightweight & compact size A5 size is enough for storage! The body is lightweight at about 770g. Easy to carry. ◆ Easy-to-use colors in a variety of situations. Easy to put in the office or bedroom. ◆ Compatible with commercially available PET bottles up to 1L Compared to rental water servers, there is no need for troublesome contracts, and it is also attractive that you can easily use your favorite water. ◆ Easy to replace water Unlike a heavy, large-capacity tank, you can easily replace water.

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Weight 1.24 kg


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