Soba Noodle Maker Soba Uchi Meijin


  • It is can make buckwheat of 2 servings (200g) at once.
  • Soba process “water once”, “connection”, “Works”, “cut” will be completed in about 40 minutes
  • Works plate has a “thickness adjustment guide”, it can be changed to your liking the thickness of the buckwheat dough
  • Shipping Weight: 1.1kg


Why don’t you try “Oh-mo-te-na-shi” with Japanese food? Introducing “Soba Uchi Meijin” who can easily enjoy soba making!
You can easily make “watering”, which is difficult to make soba noodles, so you can make soba dough without fail!
The soba making process “watering”, “kneading”, “noshi” and “cutting” is completed in about 40 minutes. * Since “kneading” is a manual process, there will be individual differences in time.
There is a “thickness adjustment guide” on the plate, and you can change the thickness of the buckwheat dough to your liking. In addition, the top board serves as a guide when cutting buckwheat noodles.
You can make soba for 2 people (200g) at a time.
The main body and each part can be removed and washed with water.

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Weight 1.1 kg


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